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Rocky VII

Hmmm, so I am just now thinking that there would be a very marketable Rocky VII story:

It would cover how Mason "The Line" Dixon's career was ruined because he was taken to school by an old man past his prime, and how no one considered his tenure as champion seriously anymore.

Rocky on T.V.

I was looking at the T.V. guide today I noticed that Rocky 4 will be showing tonight at 6:30 this evening. My time I live in Las Vegas. On channel 51 which is ION.I just wanted you guys to know. Hope you get to watch

Rocky 3 and 4

I was watching Rocky 3 last night and the part when they are show all the mag covers him on the muppet show and all that  stuff. My fav cover is the one where he is hugging his wife with the boxing gloves on. I also love the cake in Rocky 4

Rocky box set

I just my Rocky box set now Rocky whenever I need a fix. Bye off to watch it

Need a rocky fix.

Can anyone tell me when the next rocky marathon or movie will be on tv I need a fix.

totally drawn in/addicted to Rocky

So if you're a fan of the Rocky films you probably think that Rocky Balboa (the character, not the [6th] film) is the absolute shiz - what is it that you like about Rocky? Why is he so awesome? Guys, do you want to be him? Girls, do you want to date him?

Personally I love watching his stamina and strength when he steps in the ring - but it is often his scenes outside of the ring that I love the most. I love Rocky because he's a brute that could kill a man if so inclined, but he is also very tender and quite selfless, he's respectful and kind. He shows genuine concern for others and prefers to get along with people. His adoration of Adrian is one of my fave thing about the films. Rocky's just so damn kool - you either want to date him, be his child or just.... be him. Maybe if you're a super masochist you'd like to be destroyed by him... who knows lol. He's the ultimate gentle giant (outside the ring) don't you think?

Plus, watching Rocky as he's training always motivates me to work out ^_^ (although, I seriously wouldn't want to give that cup of raw eggs a try)


What is your fav rocky movie? I am not sure I like Rocky3 and Rocky4 which onr do you all think is the best?

yo everyone!...

Names Becky. Just joined this site today...I am an absolute 'freak' I guess you would say, when it comes to all of the Rocky movies. I love them, I honestly think that Sylvester Stallone is one of the best writers and directors that has grazed Hollywood's presence; considering that he wrote the original Rocky in 3 days. Well, I would love to have great conversations about the movies...I can't wait!

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does anyone know where i can find some good pictures from rocky 3 and 4? i already tried google, but they don't come up with much


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